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Hi everyone

I just wanted to let you know that Tule Publishing are running 50% discounts on Black Friday and 40% on Cyber Monday.

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Lots of wonderful seasonal books to choose from and a chance to download any of the Royal Wedding Invitation series you may have.

Royal Wedding Invitations

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sorry, I usually only write one blog each month, but this is a little supplementary to let you know that I’m giving away a stash of goodies over on Facebook this week to celebrate reaching the fabulous number of 15 million books sold.

I’ll be drawing the prize on Saturday 13th, so you’ve just time to dash over and leave a comment.

Apologies for the weekend absence – a cold and the littlest grand’s fourth birthday have kept me away from the computer. I now have a winner of the goodie bag full of stuff and it’s Shell Cunliffe.
Because there were so many entries, I also have tote bags and pens for Abigail Beers and Claire McComisky.
Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun. Stick around, there will be more! Have a great week.


a prize.jpg

bigstock--207134647Hello everyone and, if you’re in the northern hemisphere with me, welcome to autumn.

So, what’s happening at Fielding Towers? Well, the month did not start well with one of those horrible scam emails asking for $4000 to stop them sending all my contacts a video of me “enjoying” pornographic movies. Right. As if anyone would want to see that! Yuck!

I had a few moments in which I thought they might have stuck my head on someone else’s body and video’d that, but wiser councils prevailed. I was not alone, apparently and the advice was delete and forget it. It didn’t stop me wasting a lot of time changing passwords because, well, that’s what you do. I need one of those systems that generates a new one each time.

The Swish of the CurtainMore happily, I’ve joined the local gym (no, I won’t be muscle crunching – my only interest is the pool) and have been swimming with my daughter and granddaughters which has been just lovely. It’s only a couple of minutes walk from my front door, so is just perfect.

I’ve also joined the local bookclub. The first book was The Woolgrower’s Companion and we had an interesting talk from the author Joy Rhoades, especially on the issue of  cultural sensitivity. This month we’re reading Benjamin Markovits’ A Weekend in New York. Benjamin is coming to talk to us at our meeting at the end of the month.

I’ve also just treated myself to a new copy of The Swish of the Curtain by Pamela Brown. I read it when I was about ten years old and desperate to be an actress. It’s one of those books that, when you mention it, women of a certain age will go all dewy eyed. So looking forward to reading it again.

image008The big event for me this month is on 6th October at ASDA in Crawley (and authors and editors at other ASDAs all over the country) when Mills and Boon team up with their “Tickled Pink” campaign to raise money for breast cancer research on the 5th and 6th October. So do look out for them, say hello and, if you can, buy one of the specially stickered books.

Tickled Pink Tee ShirtThis is a cause close to my heart and I’ll be shaking my bucket (with my daughter) between 10am and 1pm this Saturday 6th October. And a percentage of the all the specially stickered M&Bs will be going to the cause as well.

I hope to see you there.



Vector Hand Drawn Floral Illustration. Hello September

There is so much happening this month on both the home and writing fronts.

I’ve been painting my bedroom (with the help of my lovely daughter) but still struggling to find homes for  piles of books, boxes and “stuff”. You would not believe how much “stuff” I have. Just the six years of accumulated accounts that you are legally required to keep takes up an awful lot of shelf space!

The most difficult are the small, beautiful pieces of furniture made for me by the best beloved that it is impossible to part with. This is the Shaker sewing table he made me.

Hopefully, when the new wardrobes arrive, I’ll be able to stop using the shower rail as my temporary clothes rail. It’s going to be a tight fit, though!

f36b05e4d2c092d4cfbdfdf76be7f2a0The good news is that I have finally signed off on the new book, The Billionaire’s Convenient Bride, which will be published next April. Here’s the Pinterest board. so that you can get to know Agnès, Kam and the dogs that add to the story.  This is Dora.

It’s set in Castle Creek, a Devon town that I’ve created and the story is set around the struggle for the Priddy (the local corruption of Prideaux) Castle itself and the clash between Agnès Prideaux and Kal Faulkner whose doomed teenage romance has haunted them both.


Caroline Andersen

September is also the month when Mills and Boon authors gather in London for their annual lunch.

It’s a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues we may not have seen for a while and get to know some we’ve never met before. This year we have debut author, Ella Hayes  and visitors from overseas – US author Andrea Bolter (who will break into her Paris holiday to join us) as well as Elizabeth Rolls and Trish Morey from Australia. This will be followed by a cocktail party at the Mills and Boon offices where there will be a toast for the amazing Caroline Anderson, who has just signed off on her 100th book.

And then I am going to Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace with my daughter. If you are in the UK and were thinking of going, she has a discount code for tickets on her blog, Hooked, but it starts tomorrow through Sunday, so get your skates on!

Finally, I have just reached a rather stupendous milestone with Mills and Boon, having sold over 15 million copies of the books I’ve written for them. (There are seven others!)

They have been, and are still being, published and reprinted all over the world.

15 million books 2nd version



stack of pebbles and mini blackboard with text  hello augustI’m a bit late with my August blog, but the month has  been both stressful and exciting.

First, though, I need to give you a catch up on July.

As you’ll know if you’ve been following me anywhere, I’ve been waiting for my house sale/purchase to be finalised so that I can move to West Sussex to be near my daughter and her family.

While I was in Denver, I had a call from my lawyer asking if I was prepared to complete the contracts on 31st July. Gulp. There was a flurry of calls to the removal people to see if they could manage dates around then and I flew back home on the Monday and moved on the Friday.

There has been a slight issue over a bed and while I’ve been working at the flat, I’ve been sleeping at my daughter’s house. Finally, today,  23 August, I have made up the temporary bed loaned to me by the company who failed to deliver, and have moved in!

Back to Denver.

77971387-RWA+2018+-+2584The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess didn’t win a Rita, but I had no expectations – I was just thrilled my lovely sheikh had finalled, and I was able to fly to the US and have the best time meeting old friends, meeting old internet friends face-to-face, and making a lot of new friends. And I have another Rita finalist certificate to add the seven others that I really need to frame and put up on my office wall. Maybe. I have a lot of pictures that would look far prettier.

Harlequin PartyThe Romance Writers of America conference is an amazing event. So many wonderful writers, great workshops, breakfast with friends, lunches with editors and fabulous parties!

It took me a week to recover from two nine-hour flights, jetlag, the altitude and the kind of late nights I am not used to as well as dealing with the stress of moving – and leaving behind my lovely neighbours – in the hottest August I can ever remember.

The End Of Story Flat IllustrationI’d like to tell you that I’m sitting back and taking it easy after all that, but time and a deadline wait for no man. I’m just putting the final revisions to my new book, The Billionaire’s Convenient Bride. I don’t have a date yet, but I believe it will be out next summer.

I don’t often put together a play list for my books, but this one has been a bit special so here is some of the music and words I’ve been listening to as I wrote the ending, a couple of which actually appear in the book.

Jonas Kaufmann – You Are My Heart’s Delight

Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major

How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning read by Sian Phillips

The Rose by Bette Midler

Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”

And just because whenever I go to Youtube I listen to the amazing voice of Philippe Jaroussky, here’s Ombra mai fu by Handel

That’s it for now, but next month I’ll tell you about my next project, a quartet I’m writing with a fabulous group of authors and I’ll have a spiffy giveaway to celebrate a huge milestone in my writing life.

Enjoy the rest of August and happy reading!


Jbigstock--190113193uly is going to be crazy. so before I forget, some of my books are free at Smashwords this month so help yourself!

So, here’s my month.

First I have a book to deliver by the 31st. I’m half way through at the moment so doing pretty well but I’m not a fast writer so it’s a bit of hairy deadline. And talking of hairy, some of you may have seen the fun I had on Facebook this past week, looking for a rescue dog for my hero Kam Faulkner.

36783686_1037233633109831_5464184138456104960_nI had dozens of suggestions, lots of lovely pictures of FB followers’ dogs, but author Terri Nixon found this lovely guy and I knew he was the one the minute I set eyes on him (just like my ero). He’s a lurcher, a bit like the dog my hero had a boy,. He has a wonderful nature, is good with kids, intelligent, fast and (the one failing of this cross breed) lethal to cats. My heroine is allergic to cats so that’s okay. Probably.

Henry and Kam bonded with that first look, but as my hero is about to find out, his new best friend has one, rather serious, failing. You’ll have to read the book to find out what that is!

So that’s work sorted for this month.

bigstock--222367099Play is pretty serious, too. I’m off to Denver for the  Romance Writers of America conference.

I haven’t been to RWA for a few years but this year, as I may have mentioned :), my Harlequin Romance, The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess, has been nominated for a Rita, the romance authors’ Oscar.


This is one I was awarded earlier.

I’m flying out on Monday. It’s nine and a bit hours in the air, time to get some words down. Once I arrive, I  will be instantly launched into a round of  fun  hard work.

Breakfast with my loopies – the writing sisters of my soul. Lunches with editors, authors and publishers. Afternoon tea at Browns Hotel with the lovely crowd from Tule.

There will be receptions, the Harlequin book signings, meeting the bloggers, hopefully managing to catch up with a few workshops, and the big keynote lunch. There will also be the Rita awards ceremony, on Thursday 19th July between 7-9pm  which you can watch live online on the RWA website

If you’re in the area on Saturday, 21st July, you can catch up with me (and hundreds of other authors) in the Plaza Ballroom of the Sheraton Downtown hotel, where we will all be signing our books to raise money to help adult literacy.


I am going to need a week to get over this trip, but I have that book to deliver and, I will also – hopefully – be moving house around then. July is going to be crazy but August looks like being just as interesting!

Stay posted. 🙂

Stress level critical…

20180423_121300The stress levels over the move are going through the roof. My own contracts are signed on both sale and purchase but my buyers have been using the same reason for three weeks as to why nothing i happening on their side.

I’m told “it takes time” and “nothing happens quickly in the west country”.

I’m attempting (with not much success) to remain zen and concentrate on the colours for the new apartment. I think I’ve settled on heartwood and almost oyster for the bedroom. Almost.

Interior decorating…

20180423_115633I have chosen the material for the curtains for the living room – slightly limited colourwise by the sofa and armchairs, but the dark blue is a perfect match and I do love those seed heads.

Earlier in the month I spent a long weekend in Kent on a writer’s retreat with friends. We all worked incredibly hard and I managed to get the book I started back in August up and running again, with actual words written.

Work and play…

20180412_162254I went from Kent to spend a week with my daughter and her family.. She takes the view that because my new apartment has a catflap it would be rude not to get a cat. Meanwhile I played with hers.

I have two trips planned between now and then; Center Parc with the grandchildren in June just for fun and, because The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess has been nominated for a Rita, I’ll be flying to Denver for the Romance Writers of America conference in July  Oh, and, with any luck, throw a move into that mix and with the book due on my editor’s desk at the end of July you’ll see that I need to focus.

Meanwhile the boxes are piling up as I pack away stuff I won’t see for a couple of months and I’ve been downsizing my clutter with the help of eBay and the local charity shops,


51rny9pcQ+L._SY346_I’ve been trying the odd audiobook and started with  The Chilbury Ladies Choir which is set in a wartime English village. I know the clipped 1940s English accents are authentic, but I found them a little distracting and just a bit overdone, but loved the story. I also listened to the latest Ellie Griffiths, Ruth Galloway Mystery, The Dark Angel. U really love this series but found I was not as engaged by the audio book as I was reading. I became too easily distracted, and once or twice I feel asleep! I also read Teri Wilson’s The Princess Problem, published by Cherish in the UK, which had everything you’d want from a romance.

Finally, just a reminder that Jessica Hart’s The Baronet’s Wedding Engagement is still #free to download. It’s part of the #royalweddinginvitation series written by Sophie Weston, Jessica, myself and Anne McAllister for Tule.

Royal Wedding Invitations